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ADACA: Known Bugs

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

To Submit a bug, please visit the Bug Submission Forum:

Known Bugs; Updated Aug/07/22:

Note: if your PC is running 'too hot' while playing ADACA, please try reducing the Max FPS Limit in the Graphics Settings!

[Frozen] Demo Build:

[Please do not report bugs found in the Demo build]


-[Has not been reported recently] Known issue where, on rare occasion, post process effects for going under water can freeze or crash the game. Normally restarting the application resolves this, however if the issue persists please leave details as a reply to this thread. It is also recommended you try updating your graphics drivers.

-[This issue may have been fully resolved] Props brought between different locations on larger maps can sometimes behave strangely. This is an issue with the sub-level streaming system. Progress has been made toward this issue, however it can still happen in some places.

-Enemies on the bridge on the level 'Rail Head' may sometimes not spawn correctly when reloading a save.

-Saving and quitting while certain dialogue is playing can cause specific points in the game to soft-lock. Currently, one known example is the beginning of the tutorial.

-[This issue seems to have been resolved] Players can on rare occasion get stuck in a "death loop" when first loading into the level The Breach. This issue is being worked on and should hopefully no longer happen in the final release.

-On the Storm Drain map in Patrol, players can sometimes experience poor performance when they first enter. This is usually resolved upon reloading the area.

-If the player sequence breaks or back-tracks in certain parts of Rail Head, it is possible for NPCs to get stuck in odd areas.

Low Priority:

-Please only report out of bounds glitches that result in the player getting stuck or a sequence break that causes a soft-lock. Harmless boundary breaks will not be addressed.

-If you are unsure how to get into an area that seems like somewhere you're supposed to be able to enter, please try crouching before reporting it as a bug.

-Some typos may be found here and there, feel free to point them out. They will get fixed on a case-by-case basis.

-The Level 'The Zone' is known to sometimes have low frame rates.

-Some supply crates may be able to be opened again after loading a recent save.

-Glass 'respawns' when sub levels are unloaded and reloaded.

-Hitting Enter on the dossier screen re-starts it.

-Hitting Escape may not bring up the pause menu the first time you press it.

-[This issue has been addressed] A particular ladder on a small tower in Blue Caverns is sometimes glitchy making it hard to climb.

-Grab bag modifier can sometimes cause strange quirks with enemies. This is not a priority issue.

-The game may "run hot" on some menus if you are playing on uncapped frame rates.

Under Investigation:

-[Solved]Completing the final encounter in the Zone Patrol main quest does not mark the quests off in your journal. This will not break anything. However, the glitch will be addressed in the future. You may need to complete the final encounter again for the quest log to update correctly.

-Some buildings in the map Necropol have missing geometry. This may be addressed in the future.

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R. pizzamonkey
R. pizzamonkey
Aug 04, 2022

Not exactly a bug, but why no mouse sensativity slider? Seems real weird omission.

Siris The Dragon
Siris The Dragon
Aug 04, 2022
Replying to

Settings> Gameplay> Look Sensitivity.

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